This is the Darge / Darga Family Tree page that contains links to many (and eventually all) of the current members of the family tree. Clicking on a name in the tree will take you to that person's genealogy page which contains links to their parents, grandparents, spouses, siblings and children.

Those pages also contain birth, marriage and death dates and other information that we have gathered about that individual. You will also find a link to a photograph and documents page for that individual if we have those items available.

About this list: It is complete as per our records of May 16, 2006. We would love to have feedback from you to verify that the information is correct or incorrect. We are missing a lot of middle names. Please, can you help us? Send an email to Alan Darge (webmaster) in our Genealogy Department.

A printable file of this family tree will be available for download soon.
DARGE / DARGA FAMILY TREE -- This tree last updated on February 1, 2014
Click on a blue <link> name in the tree to go to that person's branch. From their branch, you can navigate to their parents, grandparents, siblings, spouses and children.
1. DARGA, Frank
2. DARGA, Mary
2. DARGA, Julia
2. DARGA, Anna
2. DARGA, Xavier John
6. DARGE, Patricia "Patty" Ann
7. DENIS, Richard Paul
7. DENIS, Michael Edward
7. DENIS, Jennifer Lynn
6. DARGE Pamela "Pam" Lynn
7. FAZEKAS, Lauren Julia
7. FAZEKAS, Camille Ann
6. DARGE, Cynthia "Cynde" Marie
7. WALLACE, Liam Edward
7. WALLACE, Aneka Elizabeth
7. WALLACE, Caroline Therese
5. DARGE, Robert "Bob"
7. DARGE, Soraya Katharina
7. DARGE, Gage Jerome
7. DARGE, Leah Elizabeth
6. DARGE, Cary Michael
7. DARGE, Jan Maxwell
7. DARGE, Helena Kay
6. DARGE, Mark Todd
6. DARGE, Racheal Gardner
6. DARGE, Elizabeth Ann
7. DARGE, Josslyn Faye
7. BALLANTINE, John Russell
7. BALLANTINE, Erin Kate
5. DARGE, Ann Cecilia
5. DARGE, Jan Thomas
4. DARGE, Arthur "Archie" Joseph
5. DARGE, Sharon
4. DARGE, Theresa "Terri" Helen
5. SMITH, Dennis Arthur
6. SMITH, Amber Therese
7. CROTHALL, Evelyn Claire
6. SMITH, Mathew Nicholas
6. SMITH, Frances Allisa
4. DARGA, Delores "Dolly"
4. DARGA, Leonard
4. DARGE, Donald "Donnie" Joesph
3. DARGA, Joseph "Joe"
3. DARGA, Michael "Mike"
3. DARGA, Clara
3. DARGA, John P.
4. DARGE, Ralph Joseph
5. DARGE, Linda Diane
5. DARGE, Randolph "Randy" Michael
6. DARGE, Jason Andrew
6. DARGE, Mathew Joseph
6. DARGE, Timothy James
6. DARGE, Holly Anne
7. ABERNATHY, Christian Knight
7. ABERNATHY, Veronica Ann
5. DARGE, Annette Loretta
6. REID, Kelly James
6. REID, Christopher Joseph
4. DARGE, Stella Frances
5. BIANGA, George Richard, Jr.
5. BIANGA, Gerald "Jerry" John
6. BIANGA, Cindy
7. GULIC, Casey
7. GULIC, Cory
7. GULIC, Christine
6. BIANGA, Gerald "Jerry", Jr.
7. BIANGA, Jonathon
6. BIANGA, Martin "Marty"
6. BIANGA, Daniel
6. BIANGA, Robert
7. BIANGA, Jeremy "J.R."
6. BIANGA, Becky
7. HERCULA, Sarah
6. BIANGA, Theresa
7. ROSSO, Brandon
6. BIANGA, Lorrie
5. BIANGA, Gilbert Joseph
6. BIANGA, Francine "Francis" Estel
7. ZAPPA, Ashley Marie
7. ZILINSKY, Jasmyn Lynn
7. ZILINSKY, Thomas "T.J." Joseph
6. BIANGA, Jennifer Lynn
7. BIANGA, Desaray Rose
5. BIANGA, Gale Frances
6. LENKIEWICZ, Raymond John, Jr.
7. LENKIEWICZ, Stephanie Frances
4. DARGE, Virginia Clara
5. LOPOSHON, Nancy Virginia
6. LANGLEY, Jeffrey Charles
6. LANGLEY, JoAnn Virginia
7. ELLSWORTH, Jessica
5. LOPOSHON, Geraldine "Gerri" Joan
6. CHINAVARE, Gregory Patrick
6. CHINAVARE, Kristin Farrell
7. baby boy due Oct 2004
5. LOPOSHON, Janice Jane
6. FINAZZO, Josephine "Jody" Anna
6. FINAZZO, Nicholas Paul
7. FINAZZO, Isabella Noelle
7. FINAZZO, Vincent Louis
6. FINAZZO, Nicole Virginia
7. ROSE, Abigail Ansley
7. ROSE, Olivia Lauren
5. LOPOSHON, Kathleen "Kathy" Ann
5. LOPOSHON, Sandra "Sandy" Marie
6. LAVIOLETTE, Benjamin Caleb
5. LOPOSHON, Debra Frances
6. ROCKER, Daniel David
6. ROCKER, Justin Christopher
4. DARGE, Edna
4. DARGE, John
3. DARGA, Agnes
3. DARGA, Anthony
3. DARGA, Frank
3. DARGA, Benjamin
3. DARGA, Elisabeth Lee
4. WASIK, Virginia
4. WASIK, Frank "Whitey" Jr.
4. WASIK, Ralph
5. WASIK, <daughter> Please help here if you can
5. WASIK, <daughter> Please help here if you can
4. WASIK, Delores
4. WASIK, Rita
4. WASIK, George
4. WASIK, Joanna
5. WATSON, Deborah "Debbie"
5. WATSON, Norman
5. WATSON, Earl
5. WATSON, Kimberly
4. WASIK, James Francis
4. WASIK, Daniel
5. WASIK, Beth
5. WASIK, Marsha
4. WASIK, Jayne
5. WASIK, Debbie
3. DARGE, Edward "Snub"
4. DARGE, Shirley Ann
5. SUSICK, Elizabeth Ann
5. SUSICK, Sandra Lee
6. DIETZ, Lawrence "Larry" Charles, III
5. SUSICK, Helen Ann
4. DARGE, Gertrude "Trudy" May
5. MURPHEY, David Earl
6. MURPHEY, Alyssa Ashley
6. MURPHEY, Brendan Caleb
5. MURPHEY, Beverly Lynn
6. HALL, Joshua Charles
6. HALL, Ronald Steven
5. MURPHEY, Brian Edward
6. MURPHEY, Bethaney Anne
6. MURPHEY, Kristen Brianne
6. MURPHEY, Katherine Lynne
5. MURPHEY, Michael Leroy
6. MURPHEY, Kelsie Nicole
6. MURPHEY, Maylia Noelle
3. DARGE, Martha
4. KWASNIEWSKI, Lawrence "Larry", Jr.
5. KWASNIEWSKI, Michelle
6. KWASNIEWSKI, Stephanie Marie
5. KWASNIEWSKI, Lawrence "Larry", III
6. KWASNIEWSKI, child Please help here if you can
The information on this page was compiled by Lindsay and Alan Darge.
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