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Carl Anthony DARGE

A.K.A. - Other Names

Nickname: Chief Screwloose

Vital Statistics

Birth: 22 Oct 1945, Detroit, Wayne, Michigan (St. Mary Hospital)


1st Marriage:
Aug 1964, Michigan to Kay Alayne Hoisington
Divorce: 16 July 1970, Michigan
Children with Kay: Cary Michael Darge, Mark Todd Darge and James Daniel Darge (Kay's son, adopted by Carl?

2nd Marriage:
18 Jun 1976, Bloomfield Hills, Oakland, Michigan to Denise Michele Gardner
Children with Denise: Racheal Gardner Darge and Elizabeth Ann Darge


Baptized: 1945 at unknown Church, Detroit, Michigan
High School:  graduated in 1963 from Berkley High School

In 1972 he created a business collection named 2000 Phone Booths. Putting his heart and soul into the project he artistically hand-painted murals throughout the building. The business was sold to another company and fire eventually ruined the building and consumed his artwork.
Carl owned Mother Earth Walking Tours Ltd. and currently (maybe) owns C. Darge Services which specializes in heating and cooling and operates out of his Beverly Hills, Michigan, residence.

Family Memories

His father gave him the nickname Chief Screwloose because of his seamingly radical ideas and unpredictable nature.

Sources of Information

1972 Newspaper Article about 2000 Phone Boots
Memory of Alan Darge
Memory of Kay Seymour (Kay Hoisington)
Memory of Denise Darge (Denise Gardner)
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