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Jan Thomas DARGE

A.K.A. - Other Names


Vital Statistics

Birth: 9 Jan 1952, Detroit, Michigan
Death: 14 Aug 1998, Grace Hospital, Detroit, Michigan (age 46)
Cause of Death: Hemopericardial tamponade caused by Ruptured Ascending Aorta Aneurysm
Buried: Cremated at Auburn Cemetery, Royal Oak, Michigan, buried at Mt. Olivet Cemetery, Detroit, Michigan


(Jan never married and had no children)



Family Memories

Jan lived on 251 Marshall, Ferndale, Michigan.  He loved to play golf and spent most of his vacations on the green.  He was a family oriented man who visited his mother frequently to take her to the beauty shop, grocery shopping, doctor's office and even on vacation to the casino.  Jan would bring his mother to his brother's (Alan) house for Easter, Thanksgiving, and Christmas Day.  

"I remember him coming to all of our Confirmation parties and Graduation parties.  He used to let all of us (Carl and Alan's kids) sit in the back of his old blue pickup truck whenever we hitched a ride with him." ~ Lindsay Darge (niece)

"The most striking memory about Uncle Jan were his eyes.  They pierced right through you and the look he shot me after he raised me to the point of insanity was like, "Got ya!"." ~ Racheal Darge (niece)

Sources of Information

Death Certificate provided by brother Alan Darge
Funeral Card provided by niece Lindsay Darge
The information on this page was compiled by Lindsay and Alan Darge.
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