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Cecilia (Sally) Sophia LABUDIE

A.K.A. - Other Names

Name to Grandchildren: Grammy

Vital Statistics

Birth: 19 May 1912, Detroit, Wayne, Michigan
Death: 13 Feb 2003, Clinton Township, Michigan
Cause of Death: unknown
Buried: Mt. Olivet Cemetery, Detroit, Wayne, Michigan


28 Oct 1933, Detroit, Wayne, Michigan to Jerome Joseph Darge
Children with Harry:
Philip Jerome Darge, Roy Joseph Darge, Carl Anthony Darge, Alan James Darge, Ann Darge and Jan Thomas Darge


A personal note about this page from Alan Darge, son and the creator of this website --
This page and the Jerome (Harry) Joseph Darge page are the absolute heart of this Darge/Labudie Family Tree project. These two pages are the link between the two families. Harry and Sally are my parents and were certainly two of the hardest working people I have ever known. They always took on more work than they should have; many were charity projects. So, their blood flows through me and my children, seeding the inspiration to take on this huge programming project... The Darge Family website

Family Memories

Sally taught everyone at one time or another to china paint.  China painting and children was her life.  She loved children. Her son Alan built kilns for her in the basement to fire her china and ceramics.  Several hundred pieces of her handiwork were given as gifts and remain in the family.

"I remember her teaching me to paint those little ceramic plates she would give to us.  But most of all I remember her teaching me how to draw animals, trees and faces.  She was always interested in the drawings and paintings I made in school." -Lindsay Darge (granddaughter)

"It didn't matter who's child you were, if you walked into that were hers." -Nicky Darge (Gardiner) (daughter-in-law)

"I loved to sit for hours on her lap and watch her paint and we used to go and pick up sticks in the yard and work in the garden together. Later I think that the best thing she did for me was teach me humility and the importance of family. I always laugh when I think about helping her to bed.  It never failed, two minutes after you left the room she would call for you.  She'd say, "My feet are all bound up!!". The covers had to be just so!!" -Racheal Darge (granddaughter)

Sources of Information

Contributed Funeral Cards from Alan Darge, Lindsay Darge, Pauline Detweiler
Memory of son Alan Darge
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The information on this page was compiled by Lindsay and Alan Darge.
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