POP3 eMail Setup Help Page

This eMail Setup Help Page explains how to setup a POP3 email account in Outlook Express. Don't confuse Outlook Express, which comes with Windows, and Microsoft Outlook which is part of Microsoft's Office Suite. Outlook Express is a very good email client program suitable for most people and is a much better way to handle email than those webmail clients such as Yahoo and HotMail.
How to setup Microsoft Outlook Express to receive e-mail using POP3 protocol

To set up Microsoft Outlook Express you will need your username and password given to you by Alan Darge.

1. Open Outlook Express and click "Tools" and choose "Accounts".

Outlook  Express 1

2. Select the "Mail" tab. Click "Add" and choose "Mail...".

Outlook Express 2

3. Enter a Display Name and click "Next".

Outlook Express 3

4. Enter the e-mail address and click "Next".

Outlook Express 4

5. Choose "POP3" and enter the following:
Incoming mail: pop.1and1.com
Outgoing mail: smtp.1and1.com
and click "Next".

Outlook Express 5

6. Enter the Account name (your email address) and the password. If you want the system to remember the password, the box near "Remember Password" and enter the password. Click "Next".

Outlook Express 6

7. Finally click "Finish" even though you really aren't finished. There's more to come.

Outlook Express 7

8. Those idiots at Microsoft thought it was cool to call your account by the POP3 information instead of the Display Name that you entered. Go figure. But anyway, highlight the account and click on "Properties".

Outlook Express Auth 1

9. On the "General" tab, type in the information as shown below using your First name and Last name and whatever email address that you were given. This is the information that will be seen by recipients of your email.

10. Choose the "Servers" tab. Check "My server requires authentication". Click "Settings".

Outlook Express Auth 2

11. Choose "Use same settings as my incoming mail server" and click "OK".
This is the default for Outlook Express.

Outlook Express Auth 3

Finally click "Apply" and "OK" and close the "Internet Accounts" window.

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