This Darge Family website is for all members of the Darge family including their aunts, uncles and cousins with roots in Michigan.

autum tree

Fall sure is beautiful in Michigan!
Go rake the leaves and clean out the gutters.

Search for a Darge in Facebook. It's amazing how many Darges there are all over the world. Most are not related to us.

I've been working on the Darge Family Tree and would sure appreciate more input and information from you.

Businesses run by Family Members with Web sites
Always Open Marketplace - an informative shopping portal to help you find great deals
Rainy Day Marketplace - a crafty marketing portal geared more to children and family
Impressive Websites - website design services by Alan Darge -
Qwik Stitch and 919 Embroidery - custom embroidery services down in Raleigh -
Integrity Estate Sales - home liquidation sales and antiques -

What do you do for a living? Let us all know. We may need your services.
I'll make a whole page out of this if there's enough interest.
Placing a link here is helpful to the search engines.

God bless America! ...say it often ...say it with pride